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Public School's only attempt at group photo. 2017.
Clearly we need an updated group photo.

What started as an idea for a club night to feature slightly non-mainstream music by co-founders Rudolph La Faber & Uzair Sawal, it transformed into a platform for them and like-minded friends to play the music they love to the people that matter the most to them, outside of nightclub environment. Public School's first gig was at an organic farmers' market almost an hour away drive from Kuala Lumpur - at the compound of former leprosy centre. From that moment, it was clear for them to push for inclusivity and break barriers in music - taking it out from exclusive and bottle-serviced venues and share it with people from all walks of lives.

Along the way, the duo reached out to friends and Public School evolved into a non-hierarchy collective of DJs, musicians, promoters, and zine writers that believes in the power of music to make the world a better place. Fast forward to today, the collective have graduated from throwing Sunday afternoon parties at a wet market to running an independent space (fono) in the middle of the city, with members actively contributing to the local and regional scene, playing festivals (Good Vibes, Urbanscapes, Hatyai Dub Camp, Wonderfruit, to name a few) and strengthening ties with other communities from all corners of the world.

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