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fono was born out of the desire to break free from KL's stagnant nightlife at that time and we knew we needed an independent space to be able to promote music in tandem with our ethos as a collective and to reach out to wider audience. We take pride on being part of The Zhongshan Building, a hub at the heart of KL's creative community, providing a melting pot for emerging artists, filmmakers, DJs, writers, progressive thinkers, and social activists.

With DJ nights-focused programming at its core, fono offers a unique cultural experience which also includes live bands, audio-visual performances, film screenings, discussions, and workshops. Besides providing an outlet for the performers to experiment and new music for the curious attendees, fono is also an inclusive space for one to meet new friends or experience nightlife safely or simply listen to music on audiophile speakers paired with vintage amps.

Officially open to the public in January 2018, we have hosted a multitude of music acts from Malaysia, Southeast Asia, and overseas. The list of alumni includes Kidkanevil, Free The Robots (LA's Low End Theory affiliate), Awesome Tapes From Africa, Kamaal Williams, Hugo Mendez (of Sofrito / Nouvelle Ambiance), Nabihah Iqbal, Jitwam, Megatronic, Agrikulture, M.M.S (with members of White Shoes & The Couple Company and Jirapah), Iramamama, and DJs from regional collectives: Sabai Sabai (Bangkok), Olympic Digger (Bangkok), Revision Music (Singapore), Darker Than Wax (Singapore), Mondo (Jakarta), and Upstairs (Tokyo).

fono is also home to German film screenings by Goethe-Institut, CT Selecta's infamous Kota Wanita (workshop by day and party by night, all-female line-up on both), Disko Santan's Public Pressure, KL's only UK-oriented bass music night Ronggeng Sound System, Resonance (experimental beats & left-field electronic night), and Jazz Jazz Jazz (because hey, it's about time we dance again to jazz).